Offered Listings

Personal: Advice/Counselling

Coaching I'm professionally qualified as a psychologist, and registered with the British Psychological Society. I'm happy to offer coaching to members.
Counselling (brief)
Goal setting and achieving (confidential)
Home improvement Interior decor ideas/design - informal consultation. Suitable for home improvement/refurbishment/making the best of the space in the home.Please leave message on home tel no 0207 209 0407 should you not receive an e-mail response quickly from me. (10 locks/hr Locks)
Tarot readings
Tarot readings
Wardrobe If you feel your clothes no longer suit you - you've changed your hair colour, or you've lost or put on weight; if you'd like to change your image; if you've got older (or younger), I can go through your wardrobe with you and help you decide what still suits you, and what should go on ebay, to the charity shop, or on your Camden Lets 'for sale' list (varies Locks)