Offered Listings

Personal: Health/Therapy

Alexander Technique (David)
Alexander Technique Lessons
Aromatherapy massage
Aromatherapy massage
Bates method for vision improvement
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Holistic treatments
Holistic treatments
Holistic treatments
Lifewave plasters Would you like to try out Lifewave Plasters that can help with pains, sleeping, diet regulation, energy, immune booster etc. I am willing to let you try these plasters once.(for locks). If they work for you, I can tell you where to buy them.
Massage (women 0nly) ITEC qualified
NLP (david)
Qi'gong lessons/holidays
Re-connection healing; cranio-sacral healing
Reflexology (Ruth)
Reiki and Massage I am a Reiki master with ten years experience as a healer and masseur. My masters were Hilary Lyons and Helen Kent. I trained in Holistic Massage at City and Islington College in 2004/5. From 2003-5, I studied many different healing modalities, including Reflexology, Tui Na, Chi Kung, Yoga, On-Site Massage, Stress Management and did an ITEC Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology. I use elements from all these skills in my practice as a healer. I like to keep my treatments open-ended as much as possible to allow a good job to be done but 30 locks is the basic hourly rate (30 Locks)
Relaxation; Meditation sessions (share)
Space to think
Stretch class -over 50's
Tui Na Massage
Ultra sound water therapy
Yoga Classes Mon & Thurs 10-11.30 am St. Dominic's Priory, Church Hall, Southampton Rd. NW5